Building Healthier Communities Through Advocacy, Outreach, and Connection

Below is the full version of “Stories of Impact: Prevention and Public Health,” which is featured in our 2021 Community Impact Report. Click here to view the report and find links to all of our Stories of Impact.

“I don’t know how we can really thrive as a community without being healthy first,” says Sara Clark, VP of Public Health and Prevention at VOA Alaska. “It should always be a priority for resources and decision-making, because without healthy community members, it’ll be a challenge for us to meet any other priority.”

Community-led advocacy is essential for implementing policies and system changes to build healthy communities. The Anchorage Adolescent Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition, led by VOA Alaska, engages organizations, business, and community members to distribute resources, increase awareness, and advocate for policies to enhance prevention education and awareness for young Alaskans.

The Coalition also offers volunteer opportunities for youth. One young Alaskan had volunteered, as they say, just to make their parents happy.

During their time, they helped build overdose kits and learned about substance misuse and prevention practices.

Only days after volunteering, they contacted the prevention team to ask about more volunteer opportunities—except this time, it was because they wanted to! They’ve volunteered three additional times and have requested to be contacted whenever any opportunities arise.

Our Prevention team also offers an evidence-based prevention and intervention program called PRIME for Life. The caring and approachable nature of our staff means the class also provides additional opportunities for empowering young Alaskans through building relationships with trusted adults.

One student disclosed to the instructor that they were living in an unstable home environment. VOA staff collaborated, enrolled them our Outpatient program, and helped them move into a more stable living environment. All of this happened within ten days of the student engaging with VOA.

VOA Alaska helps build healthy communities by creating these opportunities for young Alaskans to learn, grow, and be empowered.

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