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Kinship Care

A one-of-a-kind, statewide program providing resources and support for Alaskans caring for their family members' children.

VOA Alaska’s Kinship Care program provides additional family services for fulltime caregivers of grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews, or other extended family members. You do not have to be licensed or have legal custody to receive support.

To enroll: After submitting an intake form and family needs assessment, you will be connected with a Care Coordinator to create a collaborative support plan to meet your family’s needs. 

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Kinship Care Services

In addition to services we provide all VOA families, including youth early intervention, home-based family services, and individual and family therapy, the following services are offered to our Kinship families:

Our care coordinators work with caregivers to identify and provide services and/or treatment based on the family needs assessment to support the child(ren) and family. 

Limited funds to help pay for food and necessities such as gas, household supplies, and clothing.

Assistance to families to locate and access short-term childcare services that offer temporary relief for kinship caregivers.

There are not enough kind words for what this group has done for my family and myself.

For More Information

Director of Family Services
 (907) 265-1905
Family Care Coordinators
 (907) 419-4537 / 4536 / 4672

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You Are Not Alone

In Alaska, there are more than 16,000 children under the age of 18 being raised by relative caregivers.

You Have an Impact

Kinship care environments have fewer disruptions and overall better outcomes than non-family placements.

You Can Get Help

VOA Alaska’s Kinship Family Program provides support, resources, case management, respite care, and more.

Ashley Breaks the Cycle of Family Trauma with Kinship Care

Ashley was in and out of foster care growing up. So was her mother. So when Ashley and her husband Kyle saw the conditions that her cousin’s children were growing up in, they discussed what they would do if they ever received the call to care for them.

When that call came, they didn’t hesitate to bring the four children into their home.

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