Thank You for Being the Light!

In this month's newsletter, we recognize our many Be the Light Donors with a fun, short film.
Person standing at board with colorful and elaborate Alaskan scenes
Person standing at board with colorful and elaborate Alaskan scenes

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In this short film, Julia Luey, CEO, and Dj Tyson, Public Relations Manager, brainstorm how to recognize the many individuals and companies that stepped up to be a champion for youth during VOA Alaska’s annual Be the Light fundraiser.

(And spoiler alert, Dj is still trying to one-up himself by devising increasingly elaborate videos!)

By supporting VOA Alaska, you are investing in a dedicated team and ensuring the financial capacity of those most vulnerable is never a barrier in accessing care.

With youth wellbeing a top concern in Alaska as well as nationwide, it will take all of us working together as a community to turn the tide, bring back the light, and end suffering for youth throughout Alaska.

Give to VOA Alaska today and support our work to eliminate suffering for youth at

In the News: Partnering with United Way to change the trajectory for youth

Portrait of school-based clinician on laptop with a rainbow VOA logo sticker on her laptop
Elizabeth Pantaleone, VOA Alaska’s School-Based Clinician at Bartlett High School.

“If we impact kids earlier on, it makes financial sense for organizations and communities,” says Jackie Wallen, VOA Alaska’s School-Based Program Director. “We can help prevent longer-term traumas. We can get kids connected to support, and we’re able to change the trajectory of kids and families at an early stage.”

In a sponsored story in Anchorage Daily News, learn how local organizations like VOA Alaska are bringing support to Alaska kids who need help preparing for school and beyond with United Way’s Cradle to Career program.

Building a Healthier Anchorage: Prevention Coalition is Gearing Up for the New Year

Person standing in front of group, his hand his on paper guiding a discussion
Aaron Osterback, VOA Alaska’s Coalition Coordinator, leads a strategic brainstorming session with coalition members.

The VOA Alaska-led Anchorage Adolescent Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition came together recently to strategize for the new year.

The Coalition consists of several non-profit and local government agencies working hard to address the growing challenges of adolescent substance misuse in Anchorage and neighboring communities. Together, we’re working to make Anchorage a healthier and safer place to live.

Learn more about the Coalition and how to get involved at

Choose VOA Alaska when you Pick.Click.Give

Graphic feature father and son on couch with laptop. Text read: Choose VOA Alaska when you Pick.Click.Give

You can empower the next generation of philanthropists! As Alaskans, we have a unique opportunity to teach our kids the value of charitable giving at an early age. When you help your child apply for their PFD, encourage them to support VOA Alaska by participating in Pick Click Give with you!

By donating a portion of your PFDs to VOA Alaska, you and your child will have the shared experience of promoting healthy communities by supporting programs for at-risk youth. Kids helping kids – what could be more inspiring than that?