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Kate Weisler
Alaska Logistics Manager, Schlumberger Technology Inc

Kate Weisler is a dedicated and passionate member of the local community. She is currently the Alaska Logistics Manager at Schlumberger Technology Inc. Alaska and Kate brings her strong global supply chain and logistics background to her contributions to the community. She has assisted with many well-regarded events, such as the Anchorage Mayor’s Charity Ball and the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, Run, and Go Red for Women events. Kate has a bachelors in Global Logistics and Supply Chain, Marketing as well as General Management.

As for why she would like to serve on the Board of VOA Alaska, Kate shares that she wishes VOA Alaska services were available for those close to her when she was growing up. “I know there are so many youth in similar situations today and I want to be part of the team that helps to push this mission forward and expand these programs to reach more groups. Going into our second year of COVID so many people are starting to feel hopeless that we will never get back to normal. Those feelings are also in our youth as they look forward to school, being with friends, or enjoying sports and after school activities.”