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Carlos Diaz
Program Director, Integrated Services

Carlos Diaz was born in Anchorage and raised in Tampico, Mexico. He is devoted to family and peers, giving to life, and standing for the good that exists within all of us. He is an advocate and an ally for those who battle with the misuse of substances and mental health-related struggles. Having had his own experiences in both areas, he is a person in long-term recovery who is passionate about his personal journey of recovery/discovery and being of service to our community. He is sincere to VOA’s mission and is committed to being actively engaged within the recovery/mental health field on both a local and national level.

Carlos is currently the Chairman of the board for the Alaska Therapeutic Court Alumni (AKTCA) and has been since 2019. He holds an officer’s position on the board of directors for the National Treatment Court Alumni Association (NTCAA). He is a consultant for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) and works alongside the treatment courts and its affiliates across the nation to develop toolkits, training, and curriculums that are aimed at helping its participants find and sustain long-term recovery and lead a life of wellness. On a local level, Carlos is a Peer Support Specialist (PSS1). He facilitates Peer lead process groups for a local 501(3c) nonprofit and assists with providing a 40-hour state-recognized and approved PSS training for those working towards gaining their Peer Support Specialist certification. He is the housing director for a 12-bed transitional sober living facility, where he works closely with individuals to have a successful entry into the community. He facilitates a monthly prevention course that is given to first-time DUI offenders (Victims Impact Panel) provided by the ASAP courts and the state of Alaska. He is a person who will continue to strive for the people we serve and for the better growth of our community.