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Alyssa Bish
Director of Community Relations

Alyssa Bish joined the VOA Alaska team in 2019 and currently serves as the Director of Community Relations. The mission of VOA Alaska hits close to home for Alyssa. Having seen the impact of substance misuse in her own family and having struggled personally with mental health, breaking down the stigma and the access barriers that hold people back from seeking help is a driving force behind each and every project or initiative Alyssa contributes to or leads. With an education grounded in humanities (BA International Studies & History, UAA) and strengthened by business (MBA, University of Edinburgh), Alyssa is a powerful advocate for youth and families in Alaska. From her first introduction to non-profit work at the University of Alaska Foundation to her most recent work at the Alaska World Affairs Council, Alyssa has strived to improve systems, processes, and strategies to create alignment around core values and mission to enable greater impact. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys strolling outside with her goldens – Poppy and Thor, attempting various DIY house projects, and immersing herself in other worlds through reading.