Fees for VOA Alaska Services

Medicaid and most insurance are accepted and billed, and no one is turned away due to the inability to pay. Fees are adjusted on a sliding scale. At intake, a fee schedule and payment plan will be developed with each family. Click here to learn more about our Youth Behavioral Health Services. Please note, Kinship Family Program services are provided at no cost to clients.

ActivityBillable UnitStandard feeCPT Codes
ASAM 2.5 Partial Hospitalizationday$500 H0035
Community Recovery Support Group15 min$6 H2021 HQ
Community Recovery Support Individual15 min$22 H2021
Crisis Intervention60 min$128 S9484
Crisis Stabilization15 min$26 H2011
Daily Rate 3.1day$360 H2036
Daily Rate 3.5day$500 H0047
Family Psychotherapy with client60 min$140 90847
Family Psychotherapy without client60 min$140 90846
Group Psychotherapy60 min$60 90853
Individual Psychotherapy60 min $140 90837
Integrated Behavioral Health Assessmenteach$495 90791 or H0031:HH
Intensive Case Management15 min$30 H0023
Intensive outpatient counseling (ASAM 2.1)15 min$30 H0015
Intensive outpatient counseling group15 min$10 H0015 HQ
Mental Health Assessmenteach$430 H0031
Multi Family Group Psychotherapy60 min$60 90849
Outpatient counseling (ASAM 1.0)15 min$26 H0007
Outpatient counseling group15 min$10 H0007 HQ
Peer based crisis services15 min$22 H0038
Pharmacological Managementeach$150 H2010
Psych Testing Feedbackeach$140 96130
Psychiatric Assessmenteach$565 90791
Screening Tooleach$42 T1023
Substance Use Assessmenteach$230 H0001
Substance Use Disorder Care Coordinationmonth$300 H0047
Treatment Plan Development and Revieweach$140 T1007

*CPT codes are the universal language that insurance companies use to pay different providers for the same services, even if they have different names and definitions with each provider.

CPT® Copyright 2020. American Medical Association. All rights reserved. CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association. The CPT codes are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. The MAM specifically disclaims liability for use or accuracy of any CPT codes.