We are Here to Help You

Our team strives to provide the right level of care at the right time.

VOA Alaska offers a range of services in person, in schools, in the community, and via telehealth to support a full continuum of care for youth and their families.

Call us at (907) 279-9640 or fill out a quick online form to connect with one of our caring professionals today. 

  • Education & Prevention

    Promoting early intervention through drug and alcohol information classes and community awareness.

  • Screening & Assessment

    Connecting youth and families with the right service at the right time, with same day assessments to connect youth with care as quickly as possible.

  • Case Management

    Guiding youth and their families through community resources and supports to improve quality of life.

  • Family Support

    Helping families raising relative children and those with youth in treatment connect with resources.

  • Life Skills Development

    Building thriving futures with employment and career counseling, wellness education, and peer support.

  • Mental Health Counseling

    Providing individualized care and family therapy with psychiatric support and medication management.

  • Substance Use Counseling

    Providing individual and group counseling to help youth develop positive lifestyle changes and coping skills.

  • Supportive Housing

    Helping vulnerable young adults achieve self-sufficiency with affordable housing, employment counseling, and other supports.

  • Residential Treatment

    Providing individualized and structured residential care to youth diagnosed with a substance misuse disorder who may present with co-occurring mental health concerns.

Client forms:

During the COVID-19 Health Emergency, there are a variety of ways to submit completed forms:

  • Fax to Client Registration at 907-276-5489
  • Email Client Registration at forms@voaak.org
  • Call Client Registration at 907-265-1922 to make a HIPAA-compliant Zoom appointment.
  • Call Client Registration at 907-265-1922 to review via phone. Allow a minimum of 15 minutes to complete the call.