Contact Info
Natalia Thompson
Program Manager, Outpatient Services

Natalia holds a BS in Psychology from the Universidad Metropolitana in Puerto Rico and a MA in Addiction Counseling from The Hazelden Graduate School in Minnesota. She has been in the field since 2009 working primarily with veterans, military, BIPOC adolescents, and adults suffering from co-occurring disorders. Natalia previously served 20 years in the Army National Guard, retiring as a Religious Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer. Natalia’s vision is to continue to uphold VOA’s mission by supporting the mental health and substance misuse treatment needs of Alaska youth. She joined VOA in summer 2020 as the Program Manager for Outpatient Mental Health and is excited to assist the department in continuing to be an asset for the community. During her free time, she enjoys kayaking, spending time with her family, and hiking with her Shiba Inu, Skol.