Contact Info
Miyuki Sato-Yazaki
Program Director, Supportive Housing

Originally from Japan, Miyuki came to the US in 1995 to study social service and counseling.  She was the student advisor at universities for over a decade prior to beginning her clinical career. Her first encounter with the Housing First concept was in 2012—it was an eye opening and made perfect sense to her. Her clinical practice has since focused on unconditional acceptance, client centered services, as well as empowerment and advocacy for vulnerable houseless population. She believes in the power of Permanent Supportive Housing and envisions the healing of people who suffer from mental illness, substance misuse, and other complex life circumstances, delivered by supportive services. Miyuki is grateful for the community partners and funders who made Anchorage Youth Homeless Demonstration Project possible, and for giving her and the team an opportunity to navigate At-Risk Youth to find hope, fuller potential, and bigger purpose of life.