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Michael Cunningham
Program Director, Access & Engagement

Mike Cunningham grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota area, moved to Kodiak in 2001, and since has lived in Houston, Seattle, and now Anchorage.  He began his work in human services in 2008 with VOA MN before transferring up VOA Alaska’s ARCH location where he was a recovery coach and chemical dependency counselor from 2011 to 2016. He has now the lead transition facilitator at ASSIST.  He has two amazing children and a dog. They enjoy BBQs, walks, hikes, bike rides, fishing, camping, sledding, and playing in the various waters of Alaska.

He is beyond blessed to come to work each day and be of service and give back to his community and humanity in ways that support the at-risk and vulnerable populations.  VOA’s mission and values are aligned with his own, making it a wonderful place to work and serve. He looks forward to continuing to support and uplift the human spirit of our clients and the expansion and growth of our agency to reach and serve more.